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A Tactical Starship Simulation

Part 3:Firing the first shot

Ok, things have just started getting interesting.  Those torpedoes are closing (unguided) towards me at around warp 30.  Between that and my speed of warp 6.4, there's a closing speed of around warp 35-40.  Since an object traveling at warp 1 covers 100  distance units.  So these guys are coming at me at 3500 units per turn.  At this distance, it's pretty easy to dodge by making a small course change.  Remember, the torpedoes have proximity fuses, so you can't just miss them, you also need to miss coming close to them.

I've fired my torpedoes and changed my course slightly to a heading of thirty degrees so his fish will miss.

I just decreased my view range to 15000 so I can see what's happening with better detail.  My torpedoes are right on top of him, and he's fired another three at me.

The Phantom just used the torpedo defense trick I mentioned earlier.  Instead of maneuvering to avoid being hit, he fired one of his phaser banks in my direction at a 45 degree angle.  Mk7 (and, in fact, almost all torpedoes) aren't armored, so even being brushed lightly by a phaser is enough to detonate them.  They have still exploded, so if they were next to another ship, it would have taken damage.

Some turns have passed, no hits yet.  I've been maneuvering to avoid getting hits, and he's been able to intercept my shots with point defense phaser work.  That's about to change.

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