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A Tactical Starship Simulation

Part 4: First Blood

Two of my torpedoes have found their target!

As you can see, his #1 shield (the front) is down to 62% and his #3 shield (front left) is at 65%.  Pretty good hit, the torpedoes must have impacted directly.

I fire again, he's still far enough for torpedoes to arm before they hit.

Nope, he's able to take 'em out.  In the previous turn, I made a hard right turn to 90.  In this turn, I've almost completed the turn.

I'm making another course change to keep me our of phaser range, but he's fired those torpedoes at me awfully close.  It's going to be a tight squeeze.


I've turned in towards my enemy to keep my weakened shield out of danger and engage him with close range weaponry.

In a missing scene, he fired phasers at me, and I fired back.  As you can see, I've taken a chunk out of his forward shield, and my front shield is down a little.

I'm right at the edge of effective torpedo range, but I'm firing.  Unfortunately for me, so has he.

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