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A Tactical Starship Simulation

Part 2: Almost Ready
We've loaded our weapons and we're closing with the Klingon Dreadnought.

I've just locked my torpedo launchers onto the Phantom with a 1 spread.  Sometimes I use a wider spread, depending on how much maneuvering I expect the enemy to do, but the downside with a wider spread is that if the enemy doesn't maneuver, the torpedoes might detonate near the target instead of against it.

Phasers aren't just for carving your initials in the hull of your adversary, you can also use them for defense against torpedoes.  I'll demonstrate in just a little bit. 

I usually don't use probes in combat, but they're useful for coup de tat.

Here's a scan of our enemy.  As you can see, his phasers are charged, his torpedoes are ready to fire, his warp engines are ticking over at a stable 12 million degrees, and he's got plenty of extra power to spare.  This is a dangerous foe.

I'm also ready to fight, but I've got a lot less power to spare, fewer weapons, and so on.  One thing I have over the bad guy is maneuverability, a little bit of speed, and I'm not an AI.

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