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A Tactical Starship Simulation

Beginning To Play
I remember first seeing it played on a public computer at the Seattle library in the late 1980s.  The first version I got was 1.65, a text only version.  I now play version 2.0, released in 1991 (I think) with support for EGA graphics.  My friends and I want a newer version, still turn based, that can be multiplayer and maybe even have other improvements to add to the depth of the game.  I hope someone running Google searches to find out more about this game will stumble across the page and maybe e-mail me any info they have on the current location of the authors.

Looking for the authors

UPDATE 2/28/05 - Both authors have contacted me!  Neither of them knew about how many people still played the game, but Tom Nelson ran a google search for 'Tactical Starship Combat' and this page came up first.  Yee-haw!  One of the main reasons I put this together was to track them down, looks like they found me first!  They've joined the Yahoo! group.  I'll find out if they want to let their e-mail addresses out, but they're contactable on the group in the meantime.

I've spent some time in Yahoo! People Search, reading dejanews (now, and searching all over for the authors or their company, but no luck.  I can't find a website for this company, but if anyone knows what happened, let me know.  Hey, if YOU are one of these guys, drop me an e-mail!  I'd love to send in that shareware fee, especially if I can get a copy of the 'Advanced Tactics Manual' advertised in the readme!

The authors are listed as 'Tom Nelson' and 'Mike Higgins' of 'Clockwork Software'.  Here's the contact info from the game:

Clockwork Software
P.O. Box 610338
San Jose, CA 95161
The Micro Foundry BBS
(415) 598-0498
1200/2400/9600 24 Hours

I'm not the only person looking for these guys.  Here's some links to Usenet conversations:

Thread 1
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There are many more, those just happen to be convenient and I am lazy.

Other Sites
There are not many Begin sites, but there is one other fan page I know of:

Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation is (c) 1988 Clockwork Software.  Star Trek properties are copyright Paramount Pictures.