Class:   Saboteur (SA)
Crew:   110
D.W.T.:   42,000 Kilotons
    4 Reactors providing 35eu each.
    8 Batteries with a capacity of 45eu each.
    1 Phaser bank with 2000 maximum range.  Each having a total charge of 10eu and a charge time of 3 cycles.
    1 Torpedo tube.
    1 suicide bomb equal to 35 antimatter pods.
    6 Shield generators each supplying 175eu of protection with 40% absorption.  Power usage is 15eu per shield with a regeneration of 1.60%
Propulsion:   1 Warp drive providing 200eu each with an efficiency of 85% per drive.  Maximum warp is 10.0 and cruise is 8.5 with a turn rate ranging from 260˚ to 26˚ at maximum warp.
Analysis:   The Saboteur can cruise at warp 10.0 and has one phaser and one torpedo launcher.  It can serve as a good escort for a fleet of slower Grapplers, Anarchists, and Armadillos, probably better then a Raider or Assassin because it can engage with torpedoes from a distance, but if your adversary has fast attack ships like the Federation Interceptor, you may want a different ship if the conflict can turn into a running fight.