Class:   Frigate
Crew:   175
D.W.T.:   70,000 Kilotons
    3 Reactors providing 47eu each.
    4 Batteries with a capacity of 75eu each.
    2 Phaser banks with 2200 maximum range.  Each having a total charge of 10eu and a charge time of 3 cycles.
    2 Torpedo tubes. 
    2 Probe launchers of "dnk" class.
    6 Shield generators each supplying 175eu of protection with 50% absorption.  Power usage is 15eu per shield with a regeneration of 0.70%
Propulsion:   1 Warp drive providing 268eu with an efficiency of 64% per drive.  Maximum warp is 10.5 and cruise is 6.7 with a turn rate ranging from 275˚ to 26˚ at maximum warp.
Analysis:   The Frigate is similar to a Federation destroyer, but lighter tonnage.  The ubiquitous Klingon 'Bird of Prey' from the movies and the newer TV shows is classified as a frigate if you need a visual aid, but none of the Klingon ships possess cloaking technology in this game.  The Frigate can cruise at warp 6.7 and alone is dangerous to light to medium tonnage vessels.  As part of a fleet, it can outmaneuver heavy vessels while carrying similar firepower.
Based on the specifications, this appears to be the same hull as the Romulan Frigate.  Some of the RPG back story talks about the Romulans and Klingons trading in D-7s and this class of Frigate, and I believe the game models it.  The Romulan version is heavier and has different capabilities, but the tonnage is very similar, and the engine is identical.