Class:   Dreadnought (DR)
Crew:   500
D.W.T.:   275,000 Kilotons
    6 Reactors providing 47eu each.
    8 Batteries with a capacity of 75eu each.
    3 Phaser bank with 2200 maximum range.  Each having a total charge of 10eu and a charge time of 3 cycles.
    3 Torpedo tubes. 
    2 Probe launchers of "dnk" class.
    6 Shield generators each supplying 225eu of protection with 80% absorption.  Power usage is 25eu per shield with a regeneration of 0.70%
Propulsion:   3 Warp drives providing 268eu each with an efficiency of 64% per drive.  Maximum warp is 9.0 and cruise is 5.8 with a turn rate ranging from 72˚ to 8˚ at maximum warp.
Analysis:   Roughly equivalent to the Federation Dreadnought, this ship shares many of the same disadvantages in combat as its human counterpart, as well as the same tactical uses.  With a slower cruise speed of warp 5.8, the Dreadnought is at a disadvantage to slightly faster Starfleet heavy cruisers and even Starfleet dreadnoughts (both cruise at warp factor 6.0), but as part of a well rounded fleet and with the proper high speed support, the dreadnought can deliver decisive wins.