Class:   Heavy Cruiser (HC)
Crew:   450
D.W.T.:   190,000 Kilotons
    7 Reactors providing 35eu each.
    6 Batteries with a capacity of 90eu each.
    3 Phaser banks with 2000 maximum range.  Each having a total charge of 10eu and a charge time of 3 cycles.
    2 Torpedo tubes. 
    2 Probe launcher of "px2" class.
    6 Shield generators each supplying 225eu of protection with 72% absorption.  Power usage is 25eu per shield with a regeneration of 0.90%
Propulsion:   2 Warp drives providing 285eu each with an efficiency of 67% per drive.  Maximum warp is 9.0 and cruise is 6.0 with a turn rate ranging from 108˚ to 12˚ at maximum warp.
Analysis:   This is the Constitution class from the original series.  It has a similar weapons load out to the Destroyer class, but with a great crew, it has superior damage control and can take a heavier beating in a fight.  It also has more reactor power available, so you can reinforce shields as needed.  With a cruise speed of warp 6.0, it can stay ahead of some heavy capital ships, but a heavy cruiser captain should prioritize small, fast ships as threats to avoid being swarmed.