Class:   Dreadnought (DN)
Crew:   500
D.W.T.:   295,000 Kilotons
    8 Reactors providing 35eu each.
    8 Batteries with a capacity of 90eu each.
    4 Phaser banks with 2000 maximum range.  Each having a total charge of 10eu and a charge time of 3 cycles.
    3 Torpedo tubes. 
    2 Probe launcher of "px2" class.
    6 Shield generators each supplying 250eu of protection with 85% absorption.  Power usage is 30eu per shield with a regeneration of 0.90%
Propulsion:   3 Warp drives providing 285eu each with an efficiency of 67% per drive.  Maximum warp is 9.0 and cruise is 6.0 with a turn rate ranging from 72˚ to 8˚ at maximum warp.
Analysis:   This is a heavy weapons platform that must be used carefully.  With three torpedo launchers, the Dreadnought can demolish the shields of an enemy ship that takes a full spread.  Without shields, an enemy ship hit by all three can quickly be knocked out of commission.  When supported by some fast moving escorts, this ship is very dangerous.  Alone, it could find itself quickly routed.