Here is a brief photographic log of some of our recent improvements. This wave consists of laying tile in the kitchen, getting the place painted, and getting new carpet.


Check out the amazing stain patterns. Exactly what type of abuse can do this to a carpet, putting in a tar ceiling? Did a previous tenant have a garden in here or something?

The previous tenants actually had to live in this. I don't want to use any specific words like SLUMLORD to describe the previous owner, so I won't. May I suggest a thesaurus to help you find a synonym that's less like to get me sued?

Kaydee sands the cupboards in preparation for painting. The little wavy flourishes under the cabinets have met their demise at the jaws of a jigsaw to make space for our appliances and some amount of taste.

We move the stove out into the living room. The best part is the floor underneath it.

X years of grease and yuck have accumulated where the stove has sat (apparently undisturbed) for decades. What's this? A calendar with a campaign slogan on it? What does 'We Like Ike!' mean? That little wrench is probably all that's left of a repairman that fixed something in the 1970s...

John and Kaydee stir the mortar cement while I supervise. "Faster! Work harder!"

We spend hours laying tile. I sand down the linoleum to scuff it up, then we put down mortar and tiles. The Linoleum is our subfloor, a noble experiment we shall report on later.

Interval - Kaydee and I come back the next morning and gingerly grout the tile. We selfishly leave the camera at home to deny you the experience.


It's GLORIOUS! Gotta love that tile, it's neat stuff. And now, I begin to beg the gods of flooring to spare me from cracks...

Look at this lush carpet! It's MAGNIFICENT! I set a pair of plyers on it, and they sank out of sight without a trace! Well, not really, but it's very deep and comfortable carpet. I anticipate much joy chasing our child around with a bottle of white vinegar, desperately cleaning each spill and hoping the Scotchgard is working.

Newly painted, the living room is truly improved. Kaydee has picked a light shade of brown that looks quite nice. Almost harvesty in a tanned sort of way (appropriate, I think it's called 'Harvest Tan')

Sterile, loving white is the order of the day for the bedrooms. New blinds shield us from the unforgiving, harshly accusing eye of the sun.

Also of interest is the outlets. I installed (and properly grounded, smart aleck) a bunch of new outlets to replace the classic 1950's style 2 prong outlets it had before. Bzzzzz-ZAP! Ha ha, very funny sound effect, Kaydee!

New outlets, nice view out the windows, and another dark picture of our new paint color. Compare it to the outlets, they are white.

This is the color of the walls in the Kitchen. Is there even a NAME for this yellow? No matter, it actually looks quite nice.

(thinking)"Ok, now all we have ahead of us is the actual process of crud."

This is our home so far! Join us next week when the move is in progress! Stage 2 of moving